Video: Stingray Compared to BMW M4?

For years, the idea of comparing an American-made Corvette to the German flagship M-series vehicles would have been a laughable thought. The BMW served as somewhat of a baseline when comparing other performance cars and stood unchallenged by previous generations of Corvettes. 

With the introduction of the C7 Corvette, Chevrolet made an extremely focused effort to engineer the C7 to standards that would rival the best of the best. The C6 was considered a great vehicle but unfortunately, auto reviewers would always attach a “but” to the end of that statement. It was always “the C6 is a great machine, but…” rather than a statement that was 100% positive.

In Automobile Magazine‘s recent track test, they decided to compare a Z51 equipped C7 Stingray to the new BMW M4 coupe. The M4, equipped with a turbocharged inline-six is a nicely refined machine and as the Auotmobile team eludes too, it is almost too refined. When comparing the C7 and the M4, the drivers in the video note the C7’s exhaust note and brute force that make it truly fun to drive. The driver of the M4 even admitted he was jealous when following the C7 through some turns.

While they do not by any means deem the M4 as terrible, both drivers do agree that the C7 would be their vehicle of choice. Call it the exhaust note, the brute force of the small-block V8, or the fact that the Corvette has finally arrived among the pinnacle of performance cars, one thing is for sure, both drivers seemed to fall in love with the Corvette. 

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