Rolling history on Woodward Avenue.

For most people, cars will come and go from their lives on a regular basis, and many people who’ve owned classic cars will tell you about how they wish they had held on to them. But every once in a while, you’ll come across a wise individual that was smart enough to keep that special car once it was finally theirs. Bruce Babiarz did just that, and he has now owned his red 1964 Corvette Convertible for just over 26 years.

Detroit’s local Channel 7 News caught up with Babiarz at the Woodward Dream Cruise, where he was showing off his Corvette to the public. This year’s Dream Cruise is particularly meaningful to Corvette fans because Chevrolet is sponsoring the event to commemorate its 100th anniversary. As mentioned in the video, both the Woodward Dream Cruise and Chevy’s centennial offer Detroit profoundly needed reasons to celebrate.

Babiarz fully restored his Corvette three years ago, and during the course of the rebuild the odometer had to be reset to zero due to faulty internal gears. He tells Channel 7, “They said, ‘Do you want us to zero it out, or put it at exactly the same mileage it was?’ I said, ‘Zero it out. I’m starting over.’”

Perhaps this car’s story is a timely metaphor for Chevrolet and General Motors. The economic down-turn, and near bankruptcy may have forced them to reset their own odometers. But in true American fashion, they were able to pick themselves up by their boot-straps, and start over.