Paging Dr. Frankenstein – a graveyard filled with Corvettes carcasses has been spotted. Finding a field full of Corvettes in various stages of disrepair is a tragic site, but to many this field is full of potential. During a recent YouTube search this Corvette Graveyard video turned up and left us wondering where this field of vintage Vettes is located. Several C3’s are engulfed by enormous weeds and have weathered the effects of time and vandals alike. Desecrating a graveyard and the remains of dead seems to be a particularly insensitive crime. As we can see, some of these Corvettes still have an engine; without being able to explore the boneyard ourselves we can only speculate about what could be unearthed, but there could be a diamond in the rough.

As the cameraman pans toward the building, three quarters of a C3 convertible is visible; from the looks of this skeleton the interior has rotted away or has fallen prey to grave robbers over the years. It seems that whomever started this collection preferred third generation cars, but whether he or she planned to restore them, open a scrap yard or was just a hoarder is impossible to discern. As one automotive archeologist lifts the hood of the white C3, the engine appears to be intact minus the air cleaner. The carburetor remains along with what is most likely a nearly rotten belt, but with this much of the car remaining perhaps it needs to find someone who is willing to restore it to its previous glory days. Hopefully the owner of this graveyard is willing to sell off a few of these skeletons, if the location can be found.