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Video: Spectacular Corvette Launch At Pacific Raceway

It takes a lot to shock audience, and thanks to YouTube it has become an even more difficult task to really impress the crowd. Nevertheless, there are cars that can occasionally shock and awe without even hitting the wall. During a filming for one of America’s most-watched drag racing television shows whose same rhymes with “stinks,” an audience member caught video footage of an amazing Corvette launch.

After a few trips to track, most individuals are able to spot tell tale signs of a fast car such as a roll bar or cage, large rear wheels with slicks and/or wheelie bars. However, when this red and white fourth generation Corvette pulls up to the line it provided no clues to the launch that was about to take place. The driver of the C4 calmly waits for the hand signal from the starter the other driver gets antsy and rolls at the first sign of moment. Once the overzealous driver in the right lane gets back in place, the starter signals the drivers to go and the Corvette nearly drags the rear bumper as it hangs the front wheels in the air.

The car stays straight as it goes down the track, but perhaps a set of wheelie bars wouldn’t hurt. The old saying is, “Stay in it, because fenders are cheaper than oil pans,” but we’re not sure if that is true for fiberglass or if it just applies to sheetmetal…

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