A Corvette versus a stationary object encounter never ends well, but when a driver attempts to take out one of those pesky light poles and manages to ignite the car, you have achieved a new level idiocy. NBC News reported the crash and subsequent blaze of a silver Corvette in Culver City, California. The past few months have been rough for Los Angeles Corvette owners, with a street racing incident that severed a Toyota, a fatal crash that littered the streets with car parts, and now the flaming Corvette.

According to Los Angeles Police West Traffic Division, the driver crashed the ‘Vette into the light pole and fled, leaving the car to smolder during the early morning hours. Due to fire the driver’s identity remains a mystery to authorities. Eventually the owner of car will be notified by police thanks to the still-visible rear license plate, or possibly when they realize that their late model ‘Vette is not where they left it.

Essentially the front end of the car is melted and from the video, the interior is truly carbon colored now.  The only part of the car that remained somewhat unharmed was the rear; it would be fair to guess that the insurance company will be totaling this one out. Whether the Y-body was boosted, being driven under the influence, or this was just a case of ghost riding the whip gone horribly wrong, this is a sad waste of a Corvette.

View more videos at: //www.nbclosangeles.com.