Video: Slow Motion Corvette Drift Almost Nails Camera

Perhaps one of the best inventions in recent memory has been the proliferation of high-speed camera technology to relatively affordable devices. These cameras, which can capture action up to 1,000 frames per second, give us a great view of what is really happening in the blink of an eye, opening a new realm of understanding for the world around us. It also lets us gearheads make some pretty cool videos while shredding rubber.

Take for example, this brief-but-fun trailer from the Corvette Forums that shows a C5 Corvette slo-mo drifting across screen. The notes on the video lead us to believe that it was actually shot with a standard video camera, then converted to slo-mo with an application called Twixtor, which “fills in the blanks” between frames and smooths out the motion.

It’s short, but in today’s fast-paced world, who has more than 23 seconds to spare anyway?

Corvette Drift from Joey Kopanski on Vimeo.

This short teaser video was shot and edited by Joey Kopanski, who was apparently also the driver of this blue C5 Corvette the drifts on screen to the tune of some techno music. We don’t know what the actual intent was, but after the slo-mo action the camera speed and Corvette suddenly jump and the ‘Vette looks like it very nearly hits a curb before powering out of it… and coming straight for the camera man.

Whoever the driver got to film this is a brave person, because they kept filming even as the Corvette careened towards them. Only at the last second do they duck out of the way, and thanks to the slow motion camera speed we can see the Corvette, again, nearly hitting the curb that the camera was sitting on. Honestly, it takes longer to read this than it does to watch the whole video, so why are you still reading anyway?

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