There’s a not-so-hidden message in a lot of car advertising – “Buy car, receive women.” It’s hard to deny the appeal of America’s Sports Car to people regardless of their gender, but tucked awy in the secret heart of every male Corvette owner is the hope that their Y-Body will somehow draw a hardbody to them as well.

Does it work? That’s not for us to say. We’ve met our share of women who were impressed by a nice car, both as evidence of financial success and because they just happened to be as into cars as we are. We don’t know whether the women in this slideshow know a split window from a banana split, or whether they prefer their Corvettes “survivor” style, retro-mod, raced out, or factory fresh. All we do know is that we’d make an exception in these cases to our strict “no leaning on the Corvette” rule… Enjoy!