Video: Single Turbo ‘Vette Incinerates Tires On Airstrip

Who doesn’t want the opportunity to take their car out and hammer down the throttle with no fear of retribution from the local constabulary? This guy did – and when he had the chance to take his single-turbo LS3-powered Corvette onto a local closed airstrip for some throttle-down fun, he jumped at it and recorded it for posterity for us all to witness.

Although it appears that there aren’t many rules at this event (and many roll-race organizers run their tech inspection on the “honor system”), the owner does state that he needed to wire up the windshield wipers for the day’s festivities. We’re a little bit surprised that he doesn’t opt to take on the GT-R, though. Inside and outside footage from a number of angles is provided, and perhaps the best part of the video comes right at the end.

Launching a Corvette from a standing start can be an exercise in futility at times if the starting-line grip is not there, and that no-stick issue is compounded by the use of the 76mm turbocharger on this particular car. Traction is non-existent through first gear and much of second.  

We’re not quite sure what effect the monster wing has on downforce at those low acceleration speeds, but we’d venture to guess that it sure doesn’t help much with the exception of the extra weight placed over the rear tires. The appearance of “Safety Moose” at the beginning of the video is quite reassuring, knowing that all of your safety needs will be taken care of if the car somehow gets out of shape. Who needs a helmet when you’ve got Safety Moose? Especially when you stare at him for 30 seconds at a time doing 200 MPH…

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