Being an online publication, we constantly get story leads from all over the world. Whether it’s an LS-swapped Skyline from Down Under, or a LS7-powered Porsche from Japan, we never have a shortage of things to write about. Just last week, we had the boys over at Redline Motorsports send us this video of a 2012 Z06 Carbon that they built, utilizing a couple of turbochargers and intercoolers. 

Not taking any shortcuts, they built the engine from the ground up, installing a new bottom end using some of the best hardware that they could get their hands on. They take us through the steps of pulling the engine (from the bottom), building the new motor from scratch, installing the Precision turbos, and basically walking the viewers through the process of what could potentially be a 1,000+ HP engine.

While the video shows the actual numbers of the build, it isn’t quite as much as many of you would probably have liked to see. However, without quizzing the guys at Redline, it’s safe to assume that this was the result of a mild and conservative tune, one designed with street manners and pump gas in mind.

Keep in mind that this was also a freshly-built powerplant, and it would only make sense for the boys in the shop to take it easy. Any LS fanatic worth their salt knows that there is a ton of potential left in that motor, and the dyno numbers can only get higher from here.

We watch some of the engine being assembled, while the dyno tells the tale of a bad ass Z06 Carbon Corvette with a forged LS7 and a couple of Precision snails bolted on.