Video: Showoff Corvette ZR1 Driver Smashes into Chrysler SRT8

Is there any place in the world with as many fast cars as sunny California? Probably not. From American muscle to European exotics, seeing fast cars on Cali’s highways is a regular occurrence, although there are still those cars that encourage us to get out our camera phones and snap a few pics or a quick video. One such car is the Corvette ZR1, a true beast that only a real enthusiast would recognize right away.

Jalopnik came across this video from an enthusiast in the passenger seat who just wanted to capture video of a Corvette ZR1 screaming past his buddy’s Chrysler 300C SRT8. What he got was a very, very expensive accident, all on tape.

Warning: NSFW audio, as you might expect…

At just 11-seconds, this video isn’t very long, but it’s quite action-packed. Three seconds into the video and a Corvette screams into the frame, followed by squealing tires and the unmistakable sound of car crashing into car. What follows is some NSFW language from an understandably irate driver.

According to the story posted by the video taker, the two gentlemen in the 300 were on their way to play paintball when they caught sight of the ZR1. They didn’t know the guy, just wanted some footage of him driving past. But instead, Mr. Showoff stomps the pedal of his 638 horsepower ‘Vette, and promptly loses control, skidding into the front right side of the 300C. Most importantly, nobody was seriously injured… but it just goes to show that all the money in the world can’t buy you driving skills, and even the wealthy aren’t immune to bad luck and poor judgement.

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