Cousins – they are kind of like the brother or sister that you only see once in a while when you were a kid, so you really had to make the most of the time you have to torment them. As we can see from this video from YouTube, really not much changes when we make it to adulthood; we just have to find new ways to terrify them, and in the case of his video, a Corvette owner uses his car to give his little cousin a good scare.

The caption to the video tells us, “Took my cousin out for a spin in my 2008 C6, from 0-120 MPH, and this was just too funny not to record.” We agree, because once he mashes the gas, she completely freaks out – and we don’t mean just a little. She has her phone out, apparently to film the high-speed blast, but all she can focus on doing is covering her mouth and screaming. She only becomes more hysterical the higher the speed climbs, until her cousin finally shows some mercy and finally shuts it down. Half laughing, half crying, she shakes her head and tells her cousin something that’s likely along the lines of “That wasn’t funny, and please don’t do that again”, while he just looks at the camera and smiles.