Video: Sexy Twins, Funny Foreign Car Commercial

We haven’t figured out why this commercial has been banned, mainly because we have no idea what the announcer is saying. He could be using language as vulgar as a Katt Williams standup special, or he could be Finland’s version of Dave McClelland extolling the virtues of purchasing from Fixus. We’ll likely never know, but the sheer visual goodness going on throughout this video makes it worth the 1:15 of your time. YouTube videos are hit or miss, but this one appears to have high production values and a well-written storyline.


After a short visit to the company’s website, we gather that the ad is for a Pep Boys-style repair chain that also sells automotive repair services, accessories and replacement parts. The yellow-and-black-striped C3 Corvette serves as a great backdrop for some of the country’s finest acting while getting the point across that you can get all of your bolt-ons, fluid replacements, and wipers at Fixus.

In addition, you can have your car repaired by the Twins, and it appears that they adhere to the highest levels of service. We noticed that the car-wash and tuneup appeared to be of the highest quality, but we were a bit surprised not to see any “wax on, wax off” action. They really need to add some lighting in that shop area – how could they possibly see anything to fix it? And we’re not too sure the Corvette’s owner would be happy with them laying on top of his car. 

How come all we get is those lousy GoDaddy ads with Danica?

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