Video: Sexy Susie in the First-Ever 1,000 Horsepower C7 Corvette

If we were to take a survey of the most shared and most viewed types of car videos online, we could almost certainly tell you that attractive women ride alongs would be right there near the top of said list as a viral phenomena. In this video, we see not only what claims to be the world’s first C7 Corvette making four digit horsepower, but also a very special cameo like none we’ve ever seen before.

We had to blur this out to keep things PG-13. Click on the video to see the uncensored version if you dare.

We had to blur this out to keep things PG-13. Click on the video to see the uncensored version if you dare.

Her name is Susie and she just might be the greatest ride along candidate we’ve ever met. Not only is she sporting her skimpy bikini quite nicely, but she also uses some less than PG-rated tactics to get the driver of the car out of police trouble at the end of the video. One thing is for sure, Susie is definitely more memorable that the slew of other copycat videos floating around the interwebs.

Do you even squat?

Do you even squat?

On a more serious note, the 1,000 WHP Vengeance Racing Corvette is almost like nothing we’ve ever heard before. It’s able to achieve these magnificent power numbers on only 14 PSI of boost coming by means of an ECS blower and a 100 shot of nitrous oxide.

Having only been out for less than a year the technology for boosting the C7 has come along quicker than any of us could have imagined. Maybe once the crew over at Vengeance ups the boost a bit they could get Susie to bring out some of her friends for a sequel to this ride along of a lifetime.

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