Video: Sequel to Nitro Warriors Stop-Motion Film Just Released

Nitro Warriors 2 - Afterburner by VanguardPictures

It’s not every day that you get to bear witness to a high-speed car chase, especially of the sky-high variety, but thanks to Paul Greer and Brenden Kent of Vanguard Pictures, that’s exactly what we have for you here. That’s right, the sequel to the ever popular Nitro Warriors stop-motion film has just been released and sent to us by its creators for you to see. So hold on to your hats, office chairs or whatever else you may have handy, and enjoy the ride in Nitro Warriors 2- Afterburner.

nitro_warriors2“We made the second one because there were so many people asking for what happens next,” Paul Greer told us in an email conversation.

“I knew I had to step it up and get them (the cars) to fly, but to do that we would need FX to remove rigs. We had investment from Dailymotion, and the rest as they say is history.”

Picking up where the original Nitro Warriors left off, the vintage Fast Back Mustang is at it again, causing trouble this time in a skyscraper-laden city. But have no fear! The cops have followed him into town and are well aware of his antics. Thus, they’ve brought in their own high-tech defense- their Chevy cop car transformed into a super Corvette with new built-in flying capabilities.

nitro_warriors2_2Launched from a special police truck, the Corvette is off, swooping and swerving through a highly populated metropolitan area, hot on the Mustang’s tail. Equipped with its own defenses, however, the Mustang puts up quite the fight, launching missiles and cutting corners like a pro. Unfortunately, the Mustang’s defensive maneuvers put a pack of cars in danger.

But the police aren’t ready to give up and launch their biggest defense yet, a set of rockets. When this doesn’t stop the Mustang, it’s up to the cruisers on the ground and the tallest building in the city to stop the mighty pony car.

nitro_warriors2_3Just when the Mustang’s demise seems eminent, an unusually loyal fan base comes to the rescue. The second-generation Trans Am and its followers, all saved from the police rockets by the flying ‘Stang, block police from the damaged Mustang now laying indisposed on the ground. When the police can’t break through the moving barrier, it’s their last resort to the rescue- a giant robot.

While the robot certainly shows its strength, it’s the Mustang that has the last laugh in the end…. or is it?

Just like with the first Nitro Warriors film, you’ll have to watch this one to believe it.

Filmed completely on an iPod, it took about 6 months and triple the original crew to produce, as well as an immense flight rig system to create every shot. With the flight rig alone and digital FX technology to remove any sight of them in the feature film, those from Vanguard Pictures were able to film scenes never seen in stop motion before.

nitro_warriors2_4Having been writing stories for a long time and inspired by fantasy and Sci Fi movies like Back to the Future and Forbidden Planet, it’s no surprise that Greer decided to end Nitro Warriors 2 the way he did. But it made us wonder if there’s going to be a third movie in the future.

According to Greer, there is a third movie in the pipeline, but it will cost a decent sum to produce, so the production of it is kind of up in the air at this point. We know we would love to see the finale to the Nitro Warriors series, so hopefully we’ll be seeing Nitro Warriors 3 in the future. But for now, enjoy the latest addition to the Nitro family above!

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