What happens when a couple of guys happen upon empty roundabout with a camcorder and a Corvette? Donuts, and lots of them. The driver of the red late-model Corvette decided to take advantage of the vacant location in a desert community for a little tire destruction. Despite the obvious lack of traffic, this roundabout seems to be in a part of a city street where law enforcement is capable enforcing traffic laws. Without knowing the location of where this donut session took place it is difficult to estimate the fine for this particular stunt, but the driver has taken this into consideration.

With law enforcement scouring YouTube for video evidence of reckless, high-speed or generally crazed behaviors, this driver took the time cover both the front and rear license plates of his car to ensure his anonymity. Regardless of his best attempts to disguise his license plates, this is a “distinctive” vehicle; the modifications and white accenting make this Corvette really stand out. Without having the plates visible, the driver and/or owner have some degree of deniability in the delinquent donuts. Regardless of pathetic attempt to camouflage the Corvette, the guy actually improves his donut technique during the two-minute video. Despite the questionable nature of an individual’s taste in paint schemes, it is hard to find fault with over two-minutes of tire destruction.