Video – Second Season of Forum Wars Kicks Off With Viper vs. Z06

Which car is better- a Corvette or a Viper? Well if you’re one of our fans here, we hope you’d say the Corvette, but according to the latest episode of The Forum Wars, the Corvette doesn’t quite stack up to the Viper in three different races.

On Forum Wars, two drivers from rival online message boards compete against each other in a drag race, autocross course and slalom. The goal of the race series is to see just which car is best and which driver has the bragging rights to back their smack talking.

In the latest Forum Wars, the Viper Club of America goes head-to-head with the Corvette Forum. The Viper, an ACR, has 600 horsepower and 560 foot-pounds of torque. The Corvette, a Z06, has 505 horsepower and 470 foot-pounds of torque. While the Corvette is out-powered, it has the advantage of lightness on its side, weighing 3,132 pounds compared to the 3,450 pound Viper. But a weight advantage was just not enough to beat out the Viper, causing the Corvette to only win one of the three races.

The Viper, driven by Lawrence Willis, dominated in the drag race with a quarter mile time of just 11.74 seconds compared to the Corvette’s 12.69 second time, although the Corvette had the Viper covered and then some off the line. The Corvette driver, Sriyantha Weerasurai, cited clutch issues for his loss, saying there was slippage in the high gears. The next race was the autocross course in which the Corvette beat the Viper by 1.03 seconds. The last race, the slalom, was once again dominated by the Viper with a completion time of 6.875 seconds, beating the Corvette’s 7.303 second time by less than half a second. Once again, the Corvette driver cited problems for his car’s demise.

While this Forum Wars episode is disappointing for Corvette fans, we vote for a rematch. After all, the Corvette might have a better chance to dominate if mechanical issues were taken out of the equation. Anything can happen, and breaking is part of racing, but when you have only one shot at taking down your Mopar rivals, you better bring your A-game, not excuses.

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