Video: Screaming C5 Z06 in Action

The C5 Corvette was as big a leap from the C4 as that car was from it’s predecessor; it introduced the world to the Gen III small block Chevy in the form of the LS1, which would go on to become a favorite for everything from motor swaps to hardcore drag racing, and the front-mid-engine location, suspension layout, and rear-mounted transaxle pioneered in the C5 continued through the sixth generation and on into the seventh. The return of the iconic Z06 badge in 2001 brought the world an LS6 engine boasting 405 HP, a tweaked suspension, and more aggressive gearing as compared to the base sports coupe.

When Matt Cannon purchased his 2002 Z06, he decided to take the factory performance package to the next level. A few basic changes such as Vararam intake, American Racing Headers, XPS exhaust, and Race Proven Motorsports stage 3 cam made things a bit more interesting. The new mods put the electron blue Vette in the 425 RWHP range. Having personally been around this car, I can attest that the title, “Screamin’ Corvette” is a gigantic understatement. Because he previously owned a GTO with a SLP loudmouth exhaust, it’s not much of a stretch to say that Matt is used to cars producing such an ear shattering noise.

In the video we see the Corvette ripping about and showing off just what it is that makes fans proclaim that the Corvette is the best bang for the buck when it comes to going fast. If you think that the car is impressive now, be on the lookout for this blue beauty. A little birdie has told us that the car may be receiving some love in the form of forced induction in the near future. This could get interesting, so stay tuned!

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Jesse is currently a Senior at the University of Delaware and has been a car freak his entire life, probably due to his dad being a mechanic. If he's not at school or writing about cars, he's probably under the hood or behind the wheel of his '00 Corvette.
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