Video: Scorpion C4 Corvette Sounds Great, Looks Less Than Great

According to the minimal information we were able to find out there on the World Wide Internet, this car is only one of two in existence. The base for the car is a 4th-Gen Corvette, of course, but this machine has been modified to within an inch of its life with some of the most questionable body modifications we’ve seen yet. We’re not quite sure whether it’s trying to be a Ferrari F40, a Greenwood Corvette, or something in between. It looks as if someone raided the JC Whitney body parts catalog and stuck every item that was available onto the skin of this Corvette.

The misshapen front spoiler, the fender trim that appears to have the capability to cut off a finger at will, and the nose wing – every bad aero idea and then some has been applied to the car. It even wears a set of wheels that could have been lifted from your favorite neighborhood recreational pharmacist’s SUV to go with the rest of the mismatched package. And what’s with the dog bowl?

The car still has the small-block Chevrolet heart of a Corvette, though, and in this instance we hear the whine of a supercharger of some sort – the car’s one redeeming quality. Although we realize that there are many people out there who would love to have a one-off  car (or two-off, in this instance), we’re not sure what would possess a rationally-thinking human being to deface one of America’s icons this way. From the faux fender portholes to the badly-designed F40 knockoff rearend, this Corvette just screams disaster from the instant you click play. It’s still a Corvette, though, and we’re sure someone out there would love to add this to their “collection”. We’re just not sure who.

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