Video: Sabine Schmitz vs. A “Castrated” Corvette Z06’s ESP

Oh, how often have we shoved our foot into our own mouths? Apparently, we’re not the only ones with the nasty habit of speaking before thinking, as Nurburgring champ, Sabine Schmitz piped off to the media after taking a ’10 Corvette Z06 out for a lap.

Apparently disappointed with the intrusive traction control on the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 she was driving, Schmitz decided to take another lap in the 505hp, 196mph super car with the ESP off.

Returning from her second lap, she blasted the ‘Vette to the media calling the Corvette “castrated” over and over again, all the while not knowing that she had not successfully pushed the button to turn the ESP off.

Thankfully, wiser minds prevailed and showed her how to push the button. With the ESP successfully off, her opinion of the ‘Vette immediately changed, going on to compliment the brakes, engine, and handling; going so far as to say that with the ESP off, the Z06 had gotten all of its manhood back.

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