The Chevy Corvette has become an integral part of the American identity, a stalwart symbol of Americana and the past century of automotive history. It has also become a popular raffle option, often drawing huge numbers of entries, as who doesn’t want to win a Corvette while helping a worthy cause? Organizations as varied as the National Corvette Museum and the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation have used Corvettes to attract money.

It is the Komen foundation that we find ourselves talking about today, and the Corvette in question is a Centennial Edition ZR1. Professional drifter Ryan Turek got behind the wheel to show off the power of this special Corvette.

The 1-minute 17-second video is brief but fun, with Tuerck wasting no time and shredding rubber across a parking lot in the 638 horsepower Centennial Edition Corvette ZR1. Painted in Carbon Flash color, the ZR1 cuts a menacing profile. Not the kind of imagery one would normally associate with breast cancer, but in this case it works rather well.

The thing is, we can’t actually find where to enter this contest. Has it already happened? Is it going to happen soon? We don’t know. We do know that we love boobies, and the Susan G. Komen foundation is on a mission to protect them. Raffling off a Corvette ZR1 would only bring more attention to this noble cause, though it appears that the concept for the raffle remained just a concept. That’s a shame too, because nothing goes together as well as Corvettes and boobies.