Video: Royal Danish Hunter Force Corvette Stunt Show

If you’re like us, when you hear the words Royal Danish Hunter Force, you’re eyes glaze over and you get that stupid “huh?” look on your face. Fortunately, these guys aren’t as boring as you may think and just celebrated their 50th anniversary with the help of a C6 Corvette and a pretty stellar stunt driver. You won’t believe the kinds of things these guy pull off. Check out the Vimeo video above.

The Royal Danish Hunter Force is the Danish army’s special forces unit. It is comprised of about 150 highly trained soldiers who are especially qualified in combat swimming, demolition, parachuting, sabotage, infiltration and counter-terrorism. Basically, these guys are the SEALS, Delta Force, and Force Recon all rolled into one.

Adding to the Force’s bad-ass factor is their decision to put on a little stunt show involving a C6 Corvette at their 50th anniversary celebration. Complete with camouflage netting, professional stunt driver Erik W. Petersen drives the Corvette out in a rolling burnout to start the show off in front of a crowd of people. After the burnout is complete, Petersen pilots the Corvette into some donuts. But he’s not finished at that by any means.

Some of the soldiers from the Royal Danish Hunter Force then get involved, standing stoically in place as Petersen proceeds to drive figure-eights around them with not much more than a foot between the men and the front of the Corvette. To amp things up a bit, Petersen then slides the Corvette into a barrel that one of the soldiers is standing on top of as the man jumps over the car before sliding over to another soldier who jumps on the hood of the Corvette. While all of this is going on, other soldiers are doing stunts on dirt bikes.

The show goes on to include more aggressive sliding maneuvers within feet of the crowd, whose only protection is the rope they are standing behind. At one end of the performance area you can see what looks like reactive “popper” targets, leading us to believe that the anniversary celebration show also involved live firing demonstrations.

We’ve all seen car stunts done before, but we doubt many of you have seen stunts like this. Be sure to watch the Corvette performance above all the way through. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss any of it.

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