Expressing your political views in public typically leads to an argument, but wrapping your C5 Corvette with a giant ad for your favorite fringe candidate takes it to entirely new level. Despite your party affiliation it takes a certain level of balls to have a vehicle wrap designed to express your support for Ron Paul in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Based on the grassroots nature of Dr. Paul’s base of supporters, we surmise that this particular Corvette owner could be an avid Ron Paul campaign supporter or perhaps he just really wants to piss off his neighbors. Using the hood to display his campaign platforms is an excellent use of the long nose of the C5.

In a second video the Ron Paul Corvette is taken to open parking lot where it is does a little campaigning of its own. Captivating an audience takes a certain level of charisma, but a series of weak donuts and general disregard of traffic laws might be a way of expressing the “Don’t Tread On Me” mentality of the candidate (and/or the owner). Regardless of the motivation behind this C5 wrap, most performance addicts will appreciate the use of the iconic snake and the word “Freedom” (at least in terms of having the freedom to have a performance oriented, gas guzzling domestic V8).