Kooks Custom Headers is well known for their long tube headers, which enhance both the sound and performance of numerous vehicles. However, Kooks offers a wide array of other performance goodies, such as the new and almost ready to be released Road Race X-Pipe for the C6 Z06 Corvette. This new off-road X-Pipe is specially designed for road racing applications; according to a promotional video on the new x-pipe achieves it’s design goal by flattening and balancing the mid-range torque curve. This design also has increased the length of the transition from the where the standard X-Pipe ends and the cat-back begins.

After spending time using their in-house Z06 as a test mule for this project, it was time to compare and contrast the sound and performance of the new creation. Initially the combination of the standard X-Pipe and Corsa Exhaust resulted in what was described in the video as a higher pitch sound; once the newly designed x-pipe with the approximate 10-inch increase in length was installed the sound changed. The new combination provided a richer and more refined exhaust note while still enhancing the roar of the engine. Kooks has yet to release an official date for the release of the new X-Pipe, but it will hopefully it the market before the end of the year.