Video: Ride Along with Dad in a Corvette Z06

From a very young age, our parents knew we were going to love cars. Perhaps it was the obsession with Matchbox cars, the constant “vroom vroom” sounds we made during dinner, or the time we tried to steal dad’s truck for a joyroy… at age 5. Alas, we don’t have videotaped proof of that moment where we went from normal child to proto-gearhead. But this lucky kid does.

Autoblog came across this video of a father taking his young son to the autocross track for a bit of driving and weaving. And it just so happens that this dad owns a Corvette Z06.

From the second this video gets going, we can already tell that the kid likes where he is. With a huge helmet on his small noggin, this young boy is already smiling before his father sets off. And then the squeals and screeches of excitement/terror begins. Soon enough this little ‘Vette fan is laughing as he is tossed back and forth in his seat, his father focusing on the drive ahead.

This video reminds us a whole lot of the son who took his dear mother on just such a drive, but with a lot less terror and a lot more fun. It seems the more this kid gets tossed around, the more fun he’s having, and even Pops can’t help but smile. The little boy handled this rough ride really well, and we imagine that this father has planted the seed of a growing gearhead into his son with one lap ‘round the autocross course. Maybe in a few years, Dad will be teaching his offspring how to do a proper donut in a Corvette, too. A good introduction to the world of cars, don’t you think?

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