Video: Ride Along as a CTS-V Chases a Lingenfelter ZR1

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a CTS-V can do when put against a Corvette ZR1, you’re in luck. Thanks to a recent YouTube video, you can ride along with a CTS-V driver as he drives a road course in Sweden along side a Lingenfelter-modified ZR1. While you may not be able to understand the language being spoken (we can’t decipher the moon-speak either), the performance of the two cars is blatantly obvious.

The video is filmed from inside a supercharged CTS-V at a road course on an old military base in southern Sweden. While seemingly on the course alone, a Corvette ZL1 comes flying up from behind on a straight-away about a minute in. While the raw power of the Corvette obviously superior on the straight stretches, the CTS-V driver seems to have a better handle on things when it come to the tight corners of the course.

After being bombarded from the back for a mere 40 seconds, the ZL1 slows and pulls to the side, letting the CTS-V pass him for the corners ahead. But the ZR1 doesn’t stay behind the CTS-V for long, shooting past him again on a straight-away at the 2 minute mark. After some more following of the Corvette, the Cadillac driver pulls off and takes a different path through the course.

While the information on the video states the Corvette has Lingenfelter components, only the heads and camshaft are divulged. The sound of the supercharger on the CTS-V is rather obvious, winding up after every corner and going into each straight stretch of road.

Unlike the title of the video suggests, there isn’t really much of a competition between the two cars. After a couple minutes of toying around with each other, and proving each others’ weaknesses, the cars part and go their separate ways. While there may not be much bumper to bumper competition in the video, it is still very entertaining to watch. Take a look and see for yourself.

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