Video: Reviving the Dying Art of Hand-Painted Billboards in NYC

We’re sure that Chevrolet doesn’t really need to advertise for their newest rendition of the Corvette, because a car like that speaks for itself. Not only is the Stingray a success, but it was also named the 2014 North American Car of The Year. We would like to think of this billboard as Chevy’s way of saying “we did it!”

As for the billboard itself, it’s actually hand-painted – no vinyl overlay pieces here! To be quite honest, the video is a bit slow-paced, but it showcases the painstaking act of a billboard being hand-painted onto a building. As you can see, the building in the video had an ad for the Cadillac CTS, but was completely painted over for the new C7 billboard to go up.

The video shows the whole process from start to finish, which is cool because we get to see each section painted at a time. There are two teams working at the same time, and each team works on one dedicated side so there’s no confusion as to who paints what. It looks like they paint all of the words first, the actual Corvette itself, the background, and finally the Chevy badging at the bottom. 

Before seeing this video, we were under the impression that most of these billboards were in fact vinyl, but after watching the video, we have a whole new respect for this kind of art. There’s just so much work and little details that go into a painting like this, its amazing to see it unfold, let alone see it in person. So with that being said, next time you see one of these massive painted billboards, take some time to admire the hard work these guys put into it. For more of these time-lapse billboard painting videos, check out Randy Rothstein’s Vimeo page!

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