Video: Replacing the Front Spoiler on Your C5 Corvette

Now that the C5 Corvettes are aging, it’s becoming more and more common to have to replace cosmetic items on them to keep the cars looking fresh. Some of the common blows with aging cars include chips and swirl marks in the paint, cracks in the windshield, disintegrating weather seals, and worn interiors. This is especially true if your ’97-04 Corvette is your daily driver.

The low ride height of Chevy’s sports car doesn’t help; and one of the common casualties is the front spoiler on the Corvette. Owners of these cars are sometimes forced to have to drive up steep driveway and parking lot entrances that can simply murder a Corvette’s front spoiler – even the front fascia if you take it too fast or incorrectly. Those parking space blocks don’t do any of us any favors, either. As a result, C5 owners are regularly calling up Corvette parts suppliers like Mid America Motorworks for replacements. 

Since Mid America Motorworks is a company we work closely with, they sent this video over to us in an attempt to help the Corvette enthusiast have a better understanding on how to replace the front spoiler on their C5. It’s a very simple procedure that they show you step by step to do, and while this isn’t the most exhilarating video on the internet, it proves that you don’t always need a mechanic to work on a late-model sports car.

The video shows you a step by step procedure to replacing your ruined front spoiler/air dam off of your 1997-2004 C5 Corvette.

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