For all of you diehard C3 Corvette fans and Corvette fans in general looking for some good laughs to brighten up your day – look no further because RegularCars on Youtube has just released their latest video review.

RegularCars describes the C3 as a “sunburnt Atlantic City escort layering on foundation and mortgaging her reputation to continue a lifestyle enjoyed a decade ago.” As hilarious and on point as that sounds, we look at the car as if it were a stepping stone, or a placeholder for a better Corvette. 

Kicking the C3 while it’s down, RegularCars also mentions the “many cubic inch engine,” or L48 and all of its power, or lack thereof. The owner of the car in the video claims that the engine was freshly rebuilt prior to the video being posted, but that doesn’t fool us into thinking that it wouldn’t get run down by the Subaru BRZ mentioned in the video. And just the fact that the narrator described torque as “the invisible trump card that adults play” had us on a laughing riot.

Another funny part of the video that we really laughed at was the rant about not having an opening trunk, and how everything stored behind the two front seats needed to be crammed back there – it’s all true, but in the funniest way possible. RegularCars’s narrator definitely has a great sense of humor if he can describe the C3’s history in such a way as this. Being Corvette enthusiasts, we think that this video is hilarious, and true for the most part, which is why C3’s are possibly the least-sought-after Corvettes out there – it just wasn’t up to par; however, it had a great heater.

For more hilarious car reviews like this one, check out RegularCars’s Youtube Channel!