Video: Regular Car Reviews Gets Their Hands on a C6

Regular Car Reviews needs no introduction – by now, we’re sure you’re familiar with their dry-humored car reviews after the hilariously spot-on review of the C3 Corvette they did back in February.

Well, this review is a little different, and to be quite honest, kind of not safe for work because of language, but still hilarious. Of course, over here at CorvetteOnline, we have our own views of the C6 Corvette, but none of them are nearly as funny as the narrator’s opinions in the video.

One of the first topics brought up was how the C6 and Cobalt share the same steering wheel – we just had to laugh at that, because ultimately, it’s true! These videos are great because the narrator has so many funny and weird analogies that we’d have a hard time coming up with even when we’re trying to be funny.

A part of the video that really had us cracking up was the topic of new Corvette owners making Ford jokes – let’s face it, we’ve all made jokes about competing car brands when having too much pride in the brand of car we own, its inevitable. And the fact that the C6 was compared to a Tippmann 98 paintball gun was beyond hilarious. It’s such a weird analogy that it actually does make sense – the C6 is straight to the point as is the Tippmann, and both can be modified to perform better very easily.

One thing we did learn from this review is that in order to learn how to drive stick, we need to hang around the just-for-men section at our local CVS – that’s useful information, right? Oh, and listen to the music clip at the end of the video – it’s a spoof of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and guaranteed to give you a good laugh and or a good face-palm. And, hopefully they get their hands on a C7 soon – we’d love to hear what they have to say about it!

For more hilarious, monotone car reviews, check out their YouTube channel!

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