Video: Redline Motorsports’ Twin-Turbo Z06 Goes High 8s

Redline Motorsports’ Z06 Corvette may be far from stock, but it still makes the cut as what can still be considered a “street car”. The catch is that it could be one of the quickest late-model street cars you’ve ever seen. Redline recently sent us over this video from their YouTube page to show off just how quick this (all things considered) mild mannered C6 really is. Watch for yourself, and what you’ll observe is this full weight Z06 hurtling to 8.87 at 162 MPH, even with a soft off-idle launch.

Even leaving from idle, the Z06 still lays down a 1.6 60-foot, and stops the clock at 8.87 at 162 MPH.

We talked with Howard Tanner, President of Redline Motorsports, who gave us more of the specifics on the Corvette. “The engine is a 432 cubic inch LS we built with all forged rotating assembly,” says Tanner. “It’s got 9.4:1 compression, and uses LS7 cylinder heads. We built the custom twin turbo system using GT35R ball bearing turbos, and the engine produces around 1,200 HP running on VP Q16 fuel.”

One big deviation from the Z06’s stock configuration is the automatic transmission. “We just recently installed a 4L80E from RPM Transmissions,” Tanner tells us. “It was just impossible to run at the track to its full potential as a manual trans car.”

One of the coolest things about the Redline Z06 is that even though it makes around 1,200 HP it still has great street manners. Howard Tanner from Redline told us that he drives the car on the street on a regular basis.

For traction the Redline Z06 relies on a set of Mickey Thompson 345/35/18 drag radials mounted over a set of custom CCW wheels designed to clear the big 6-piston Brembos. Tanner adds, “The car still leaves very soft with a 1.60 60-foot time. Our next goal is 8.50’s. We are pulling the transmission and installing a trans brake and two step controller to try and lower the 60-foot into the 1.3 to 1.4 range.”  

This is all from a car has complete interior and a functioning air conditioner. Quick street car? Yes indeed.  

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