Video: Redline Motorsports Supercharges a C7 Corvette

While there is still a months-long waiting list for the Corvette C7, GM has done a pretty good job of getting its latest supercar into the hands of eager customers. In turn, these customers are turning to their preferred tuning shops, like Redline Motorsports, in order to extract the maximum performance potential from their already-powerful rides.

The obvious choice for a supercar of this magnitude is to strap a supercharger to the LT1 engine, which is what GM did with the 2015 Corvette Z06. Redline Motorsports followed the same path in the pursuit of more performance, but choosing an East Coast Superchargers Novi 1500 over the Eaton unit in the 2015 Z06. The result though is still the same; tons of power, and plenty of torque.

The sexy Laguna Seca Blue C7 gets strapped to the dyno in this video in a bit of shop showmanship, using a camera slide to really heighten the production values. Unfortunately the sound isn’t as good as we’d like, and the whine of the supercharger is overshadowed by the throaty roar of the 6.2 liter LT1 engine. First world problems…

By now you’re probably wondering what kind of power this supercharger C7 makes, and Redline didn’t disappoint, delivering a massive 580 horsepower at the rear wheels. Given a conservative 15% drivetrain loss, that means the supercharged LT1 engine is making somewhere in the 660 horsepower range at the flywheel. Torque settles in at an almost-as-impressive 539 pound-feet, which should easily send this Corvette down the drag strip in the low 10s, if not the single digits.

We’d like to see how it lines up against GM’s own take on the supercharged Corvette. Who would you put your money on?

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