Video: Rare 1963 Corvette Z06 Fuelie Starts Up For First Time

There is nothing in the world like starting an engine that you’ve built with your own two hands for the first time. All the time, money, and effort all seem to instantly become worth it the very moment that you hear the first thumps coming from the exhaust as the engine comes to life. In this video we found on YouTube, we get a look at the first time this 327 comes to life at Muscle Cars of Texas, in Houston, Texas.

The all original, numbers matching 327/360 horsepower Fuelie small block (and rolling chassis) you see in the video belong to a very special 1963 Corvette Z06. In 1962 and 1963, there were only about 199 of these factory prepped race cars that were sold, making the Z06 you see here extremely rare.

We had a chance to talk with the guys at Muscle Cars of Texas about this unique Corvette, and they tell us that based off of the build date and VIN number from this Corvette, they think that it could possibly be the very last C2 Z06 that was built. They tell us the build date of this car was June 18th of 1963, meaning that it was at the very, very end of the production year. Chevrolet stopped producing the 63 Corvettes at the end of June so they could spend July re-tooling for the next production year, which started in August, and this is the latest production date ’63 Z06 that they have been able to confirm.

The guys at Muscle Cars of Texas also tell us that this car is very near completion, and the original Daytona Blue fixed roof body is now back on the frame (The red C2 body in the back ground of the video belongs to a ’65 big block). The owner plans to get the car certified by NCRS and hopes to achieve Bloomington Gold status with the restoration. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this very rare C2 in the near future.

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