Dubbed “the world’s fastest golf kart” by its owner, the vehicle in question is actually a 1991 Corvette carcass. Plenty of car guys will purchase wrecks or vehicles with salvaged titles in order to assist other owners; think of it as harvesting organs. Regardless of the profit involved or the sheer desire to annoy the hell out of one’s neighbors with random half-stripped yard art, this particular gentleman decided to have a little bit of fun before the engine and transmission were removed from the blue C4. With the doors, fenders, front bumper and hood gone the ‘Vette had already experienced significant weight loss making it a little faster than the average C4.

Sure, it may seem slightly dangerous and a little redneck, but you need to admit that it looks like a lot of fun. From the video it appears that the organ harvester has removed most of the interior from the shell resulting in additional weight loss. Automotive journalists have tried hacking up a car to demonstrate the importance of the power-to-weight ratio and measure the subsequent effect on a racetrack, but this fellow just wanted to have a little fun his project. Although the owner of the organ donor provides no insight into what he plans to do with his profits, perhaps the Corvette engine and suspension will be part of a future project instead of just becoming cold hard cash. Regardless of his intent it looks like fun and great way to get back at the jerk down the street that hates car guys.