Low-slung sportscars all run into the same problem everyday driving, clearance issues. Whether the problem arises from steep departure angles, approach angles, speedbumps, concrete parking curbs, potholes, or other road debris, sooner or later we all catch the nose of the car on something.

Unsightly scratches on the chin of your Corvette can be heart-breaking for the proud owner, and expensive to have a body shop correct, throw in paint matching, or even a whole replacement fascia and the bills will rack up.

MidAmericaMid America Motorworks is a go-to source for replacement and restoration parts for your Corvette, but is also pioneering solutions to modern day problems. The Mid America Scrape Armor is one of the latest innovations designed to protect you investment.

The Scrape Armor is comprised of “Teklite” polymer and employs exclusive and proprietary “Glidetek” rails to slide over obstacles without sustaining damage. To further expand on the design and materials selection Mid America has included “Eliptek” edge profiling to avoid snags and getting caught on a curb or other common object.

MidAmerica2In order to minimize permanent modification when installing the Scrape Armor, the kit re-purposes factory fasteners where possible but include new stainless hardware for any supplementary mounting.