If you’ve ever dealt with any sort of electronics (and considering you’re reading this on either a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone of some kind, we’d surmise you have) then you’ve likely dealt with a tech support line. But for our friends at the COMP Performance Group, excellent support for their customers is a priority, and they want their customers and would-be customers to know it. And to illustrate that fact, they’ve produced a bunch of tech videos to help educate you.

This recent video release from the COMP Performance Group and its CPG Nation website highlights the proper selection of rocker arms for a particular engine, with a focus on the three main variables that go into such a selection; valve spring diameter, RPM range, and valve lift.

The two materials that rocker arms are constructed from – aluminum and steel – are compared and contrasted, and as the host explains and any engine builder will attest, there really is no right or wrong choice in your selection. From there, we take a look at some of the selections from COMP, including their High Energy Steel rockers, Magnum steel, High Energy Diecast aluminum, Ultra Pro Magnum steel, Ultra Pro Magnum XD steel, and their steel and aluminum shaft mounted rockers.

For assistance in selecting the perfect rocker arms for your engine, call the CAM HELP Line at 1-800-999-0853 or log on to compcams.com.