Australians are known for loving muscle cars, having a good time and even better sense of humor. However, the borderline insanity behind one Australian’s creative genius in creating a video starring a right-hand-drive C4 and a rubber ducky is mind bogglingly silly. A miscreant wise-quacking rubber duck named Nacho is visiting a friend from the land down under and happens to fall in lust with a metallic red C4 Corvette. During the intro”duck”tion his Australian friend comments about how Nacho must be a little homesick for California after spying the ‘Vette, but ends up offering the poncho and sombrero wearing waterfowl a ride.

In order for the RHD C4 to hit the streets in the style Nacho is tasked with detailing the car prior to his ride. In the end Nacho recruits the assistance of some of the local rubber duckies, takes credit for their efforts and enjoys a cruise in the freshly polished 50,000 duckpower Corvette. As for the purpose behind this particular video clip, that is certain to remain unclear but we have to enjoy and respect the creativity and love of a C4 by man or rubber beast.