Video: ProCharged C5 Playing at the Drag Strip

What do you get when you take an LS6 block, stroke it out to 383 cubic inches, boost it with a big ProCharger D1SC-1 supercharger, and drop it in a lightweight C5 chassis? You get a car that can leave the line really, really hard and nearly get you kicked out of the track for being too quick at the Friday night Test-N-Tune.

That’s just what we get a look at in this YouTube video. The cameraman, Jesse Kleiber, tells us that this video was shot at Cecil County Drag Strip in Cecil County, Maryland earlier this summer. The black C5 reportedly belongs to a gent named Mike Perpetua, and has gone as fast as 9.78 at 142 MPH. In addition to the D1SC-1 (..that’s capable of flowing 1,400 CFM and creating 32 pounds of boost…dang!), the LS6 also features a COMP 226/232 .587/.595 115 LSA cam, a set of AFR 225 Small Bore heads, Wiseco pistons, dual Walbro 340 fuel pumps, an Aeromotive boost referencing FPR, a set of LG Motorsports street series headers, Racetronix hot wire harness kit, and a meth kit from ECS. The transmission is a built 6-Speed from RTK  Performance that’s also mated to one of their C6Z rear differentials. All that violent shifting you see in the video happens thanks to a SPEC twin-disc clutch and a B&M ripper shifter.

When this ProCharged LSx animal final does let it rip, it’s hard to believe that the resulting E.T. is only a 10.86 at 107 MPH. But pay close attention to the C5’s brake lights at the big end; he gets on them pretty hard before going through the traps. Like most Test-N-Tunes, they probably don’t like too many 9-second cars sharing the track with Honda Civics. Either way, watching this beast launch and struggle for traction is entertainment enough without a jaw-dropping ET to go with it. Don’t you think?

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