Video: Pro Drifter Conrad Grunewald vs. ZL1 and ZR1’s PTM

For years now, Chevrolet has been taking technology perfected on the track and putting it in their factory vehicles for optimal performance, handling and enjoyment. For example, just look at all the technology that C6 Corvettes have acquired thanks to advances made by the Chevy-backed Corvette Racing team. But this technology is not only limited to the Corvette. You’ll also find it on the 5th Gen Camaro, and even some of the more entry-level and family-oriented cars. Of course, we love the LS-wielding modern-muscle favorites. Chevy engineer Tony Roma and Formula DRIFT driver Conrad Grunewald seem to agree, pinning two of the top Chevys and their technology against one another in the latest Chevrolet Driving Dynamics episode. Check it out above.

As the Program Engineering Manager for the Camaro ZL1, Roma is no stranger to the advanced technologies that Chevrolet offers in some of its performance cars. Grunewald, on the other hand, likes to take things into his own hands even when advanced technology like Magnetic Ride Control, launch control and Performance Traction Management is available.

Between the two drivers, they demonstrate the advantages of Chevrolet’s most advanced technological offerings and what can happen when you disable them.

While you’re probably familiar with all three technology features available on the Corvette and Camaro, this video fully demonstrates how this technology can make driving your Chevy sport or muscle car easier and more enjoyable. Of course, no one said drifting some corners like Grunewald every once in awhile isn’t enjoyable (which it certainly is entertaining to watch). That being said, please pay close attention to the “do not try this at home” warning at the top of the video.

You will always find drivers to argue both ends of the technology spectrum, with some saying technology only hinders the true driving experience while others argue that modern enhances the driving experience. Either way, seeing the differences in launch, grip and maneuverability with and without the latest Chevy technology is interesting.

We’ll let you make your decision on which way looks like more fun, after all, you do have the choice to disable much of the modern tech features on your Camaro or Corvette. 

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