Video: Preview The Corvette Anthology 2012 by HI-Tech Software

There is a lot to know about the Corvette and its history. Unfortunately, much of the information you find online about the car is incomplete and requires you to go to a variety of sites to get a full picture of the model. But there is a program by HI-Tech Software that puts an end to all that searching, called The Corvette Anthology 2012, and we’ve got a preview of it for you thanks to YouTube.

As the only GM officially licensed multimedia encyclopedia about the model, the Corvette Anthology software offers users access to over 1,800 photos of the car, including a look at Corvette emblem and script changes over the years. The software also includes 78 video commercials encompassing every Corvette model year from 1953, the year the Corvette was introduced, to the present. By advancing through the Corvette years in the software program, you can find statistics, options, brochures and other information for each car.

The software isn’t limited to just the car, however. The Corvette Anthology also provides users information and photos of Corvette museums, specialty Corvettes, like the Lingenfelter cars and the Corvette ski boat, and notable people in Corvette history, to name a few topic areas. Software users can even print a book with the information of their choice. Needless to say, if it has something to do with the Corvette, this software covers it.

This is the latest edition of the software so it covers the Corvette model through 2012. With Christmas coming, we think this software will be on a lot of Corvette enthusiast’s wish lists.

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