Video: powerTV’s Guide to Lunati’s Latest LS Offerings

Lunati is turning up the wick on LS performance with their new lines of valve train and engine internals for the entire LS series of engines. In this new video, powerTV host Jonathon Buckley has your inside look at Lunati’s latest offerings for the LS engine.

First, Lunati’s complete valve spring kits for the LS feature drop-in dual valve springs, retainers, valve seals, locks, and spring locators for just around $225. The spring locators are CNC machined from 4140 alloy steel to keep the springs from wearing down the spring pockets in the aluminum heads. The steel jacketed valve guides also feature Viton valve seals for a long trouble free life under your valve covers.

Next, Lunati has come out with a new lie of their popular street and strip Voodoo Cam kits for the LS engine. They are offering 20 new LS part numbers, and if they don’t have right cam for you, they can design you a custom one.

If you’re looking for even more power and strength from you LS, Lunati can help you out with their line of forged engine internals. Lunati offers two connecting rod lines for LS engines. Their H-Beam connecting rod line for high performance street and mild race LS engines are the perfect balance of high strength and affordability. They are made from aircraft grade 4340 alloy steel, and are heat treated, shot peened, and magnafluxed to insure they can meet your horsepower demands. The H-Beam rods are also available in a “Superlight” option, which weighs just 605 grams. If you’re looking to rev your LS even higher for more horsepower, look into Lunati’s Pro Series Connecting Rods. Made from the highest quality 4340 aerospace alloy steel and assembled with ARP 2000 rod bolts, the Pro Series are perfect for your all out race engine.

To get a few more cubes from your LS, look into Lunati’s forged Pro Series stroker crankshafts. Pro Series Crank shafts are available in 4.600, 4.500, and 4.250 inch strokes, and are machined from extremely strong 4340 aircraft grade steel. Lunati tells us that their Pro Series cranks have been put to use in engines producing over 1,500 HP and held up perfectly under that kind of extreme stress.

Lunati even offers complete rotating assembly solutions for your LS engine. Their Pro Engine Assemblies are available for LS1, LS2, and LS6 motors, and can be ordered in sets that will yield you anywhere from a nominal 347 CI, to a hefty 395 CI stroker, or all the way out to a massive 434-inch monster. The kits come with Wiseco pistons that can be matched to your desired compression ratio for your engine build, be it all out NA or boosted.

Along with Lunati, Wiseco is a member of the Holley family of performance products, and they have your performance LS piston needs covered. Wiseco’s Pro Tru pistons are a great affordable forged piston option for your LS engine, and they come complete with high quality plasma moly rings, chromoly wrist pins, and Spiro locks. The Pro Tru pistons are CNC machined from forged 4032 alloy with oversized valve reliefs for added clearance when using a high lift camshaft.

Whether you are looking to build an efficient and powerful LS1 for your Saturday Night Special, or a ground shaking 454 LSX for your race car, Lunati has you covered. Click over to Lunati’s website for more specific info on the LS parts that will fit your engine’s needs.

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