Corvette Funfest truly lived up to its name, and powerTV was happy to make the event even more fun for these three Corvette owners. PowerTV Publisher Lloyd Hunt was chosen to serve as a Celebrity Judge, and was tasked with choosing his three favorite Corvettes and awarding them with the esteemed Celebrity Choice Award. This was no easy job, as there were over 15,000 Corvettes in attendance at this year’s Funfest. But after much deliberation, and countless hours spent combing over the finest cars Funfest had to offer, Mr. Hunt bestowed powerTV’s Celebrity Picks on these three remarkable Corvettes.

1958 Corvette – Michelle Paillou, St. Louis Missouri: Michelle has owned her Signet Red C1 since 1995, and had this to say, “Lloyd came walking by, and we just started chatting about the car… He ended up leaving and about 2 hours later, he came back. Lloyd said, ‘Michelle, I’m gonna make your day.’ I had no idea that he was one of the judges, and he pulled out a clip board, and I just started jumping up and down, and I was just so proud that he had picked my car!”

1960 Corvette – Bill Piersol, Middletown, Virginia: Bill has owned his Corvette since 1970, and it has seen a whole lot of changes over that time. Bill says, “I’ve got over 600,000 miles on it, four paint jobs, six engines, four transmissions, and three different rear ends…This latest iteration has an LT4 stroked out to 396 cubic inches, six speed transmission, and axles front and rear from a ’96 Grand Sport.” We’re also digging on the C4 ZR1 wheels and the teal paint job.

2004 Corvette Z51 Le Mans Commemorative Edition – John and Dawn Walden, Huntsville, Alabama: John and Dawn decided to buy their first Corvette after John retired from the military, and spent 9 months searching for just the right one in Le Mans Blue. John says, “We’ve had it for about 3 years now, a little over, and we are just tickled to death to be part of the Corvette family and own this car…It’s a beautiful car to drive, and I get a lot of comments on how pretty it is.”

Be sure to check out our complete Celebrity Choice Awards video below for even more info on powerTV’s three Celebrity Choice picks.