You’re aching to get your hands on a 2014 Corvette; but unless you’ve got your C7 on pre-order, Junior might have you beat when he gets his own car by September 10. That’s because Fisher-Price, makers of such fine toys as Little People and the Busy Box, is going to unleash the Alpha and Omega of its line of Power Wheels with the upcoming 2014 Chevrolet Corvette model.

Hot damn! 6 MPH?!?

He won’t have to work the clutch, monitor his RPMs, or even check its oil, but he’ll be able to learn the basics. Steering, gas, brake, and wheelspin are all here, and he’ll be able to pull off some sick drifts and 180s with the mad 1/5-horsepower “engine” he’s packing underneath the plastic hood.

The Power Wheels ‘Vette has the high honor of being the fastest available car in the lineup at 6 MPH, beating out the enemy Mustang Boss 302 with its measly 5 MPH. Pfft. Not to mention, at its present price of $275, it’s a hands-down win for the Stingray compared to the Mustang’s $345 tag.

Suzie does get to have her own version, though, so that’s a plus.

Enough about that, though. It’s time we take a closer look: First of all, where’s the second seat? Even the Boss 302 has that figured out; how can one drive a Corvette and not have a member of the opposite sex in the opposite seat? Tsk tsk tsk, Fisher Price.

Secondly, with the infusion of Power Lock® brakes, the kid stops by letting off the “gas pedal.” That’s no good. How’s the kid gonna learn to drive correctly?

Sorry about that. I get carried away when toys don’t accurately reflect reality.

In conclusion, the Power Wheels Corvette certainly looks the part, but we’re not sure if it’s got the right stuff. We’ll have to see what Junior thinks when he’s done doing his homework.

He won’t be learning heel-toe shifting, but he’ll be having fun at least.