ThatRacingChannel is at it again! Yes, we know there have been numerous videos from multiple sources of beautiful women enjoying rides in high horsepower vehicles. In recent videos, we’ve seen the beautiful Sarah Leann go for a ride in a twin-turbo C6 Vette and an “all-natural” redhead riding shotgun in another insanely fast twin-turbo C6 Vette amongst other videos. There is even a recent video by High Tech Corvette taking a lovely latina passenger for a ride in a new C7 Vette.

This new video is along the same lines as the other videos, but with Onofrio Triarsi, the 17-year-old professional racing driver that recently placed 1st in the Ferrari Challenge race at Circuit of Americas behind the wheel of this C7 Corvette. The Vette is owned by TR3 Performance and has been tuned, but no other mods have been stated. 

It’s not hard to see that Philomena, the driver’s beautiful brunette co-pilot, is having an awesome time romping around in the tuned C7 Vette. There was a funny part in the video where she asks the driver “do they know you guys drive around here like that?”, and Triarsi immediately rips into a straight line pull resulting in infinite smiles.

About 25 seconds into the video, there are some gratuitous panning shots of Philomena modeling for some other exotic cars in TR3’s shop before going out for a ride in their Vette. But what’s better than a beautiful model riding in a murdered out C7, you ask? Well, for us Corvette guys, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy the video!