A warning to the “It’s never had a drop of rain on it” sub-demographic among our readership: The video above will cause you to clutch your pearls and possibly retreat to the safety of your fainting couch. The madmen at Pfadt (and I am using that term simply because there isn’t a non-gender-specific term that works – there are a number of madwomen there too) have not only already put together a supercharged, 650 horsepower package for the new C7 Stingray that they’re calling the Fugitive, but they also took the logical next step and used it to molest a frozen, empty parking lot while videotaping it all. pfugitive1

Besides the centrifugal supercharger, the package includes a pair of Pfadt’s Tri-Y 1 7/8-inch primary tube headers, their Stage 3 performance tune, a lowering package, and of course “Fugitive” badges so everyone knows just what to call the car that just blasted past. Granted, a stock C7 will effortlessly pirouette in a snowy car park with the push of a button, so what you’re seeing here is less of a demonstration of the Fugitive’s True Kung Fu and more of a look into the thought process at Pfadt. We imagine the conversation went something like this…

pfugitive2“Hey look – it’s snowing!”

“In Salt Lake City? In December???”

“Yah, yah… You’re a laugh riot. But you know what would REALLY make me laugh?”

“Does it involve the Stingray we just finished?”

“Does it snow in SLC in December? Grab the keys and the GoPros…”

And with that, the best possible use of a JCPenney parking lot was invented. Oh, and for those of you who hate the idea of getting a brand new Corvette all slushy out playing in the snow? We have some news for you – your Corvette has a sordid past involving a road trip on an open car carrier on the way to your dealer where it got rained on, and worse. Just sayin’ – It’s a car, not a Thomas Kinkade painting, so don’t just stare at it. Drive it!