A while back, we helped further unlock the C7 code by sharing some of the first of a series of technical drawings that have leaked out via the web, apparently a series of sketches that belong to the ’14 Vette’s owner manuals that offer more clues into what could be the “ups and downs” of GM’s latest Vette lineup.

We discussed the Crossfire-like rear hatch caused by the revamped C-pillars, as well as the car’s odd intake setup, but aside from technical and mechanical “smudges” on the 7th-Gen Vette, what criticisms could we enthusiasts make about the latest Corvette family at the business and marketing end of the spectrum?

Autoline’s Peter De Lorenzo seems to have the answer, as he views the General’s selling tactics for the C7 as sensationalistic at best. “If I were asked to lead the launch of the new Corvette, I wouldn’t allow any teases of any kind,” explains De Lorenzo.

According to Autoline’s “Autoextremist,” the trick to selling the new Corvette is to surprise the marque’s audience.

“The prevailing mindset proffered by sparkly image wranglers these days is one, you must manipulate the playing field, two that means that absolutely nothing can be left to chance, and three only ‘we’ know the ‘what, where, when, why’ and ‘how’ of it all,” De Lorenzo elaborates.

While it seems intriguing to see what would come from a “surprise” launch for the C7, we can’t help but wonder if De Lorenzo is straying from his day job by trying to speak as GM’s sales analyst.

A word then to the wise: if you know how to build motors then you’re a skilled engine builder and if you know how to drive through Willow Springs then you’re a great driver, but being a mechanic or a driver doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to be a smash as a vacuum cleaner salesperson!