No matter how jaded the drag racing audience has become over the years, it is still impressive to see a vehicle make it into the mid 6-second range. In this video, we get to watch Paul Major pilot his 2001 C5 Corvette Z06 down the track resulting in an imposing 6.58 at 224.73 MPH time slip. Watching the car stage and launch is something to behold; it seems like entire combination is working in perfect harmony. As the light flashes Major lays into the car resulting in subdued and graceful front tire lift. Traction, or lack thereof, does not appear to be an issue for the C5, as it blasts down the drag strip with such control that it hard to believe that you just watched a mid 6-second pass.

Major’s Corvette competes in the hard-hitting and popular Drag Radial class and with the competition growing fiercer with each season it was time to a make a few changes. According to this C5 is powered by a big block Chevy with a Comp Cams solid roller cam and rear mounted 94mm twin turbos that create enough power to propel the 3,400 pound beast down the track at over 200 MPH. It appears that the guys at are busy racing and wrenching versus playing web master, but there is enough information on the page to gain some insight into fast Z06. The combination may have evolved over the years, but it seems that Major is ready to tackle each upcoming season with this nasty little Corvette.