Video: Parking Lot Dings? Car Missing? There’s An App For That!

Tired of parking your car in the hinterlands of the mall or putting up with your friends saying you’re too sensitive about your car? Have you made up reasons not to take your prized whip into the city or out on the town for fear of wrinkled bumper paint, door dings or worse? Some of us have even accepted it as a fact of life and we just have to deal with it. Well not any more because there’s an app for that!

Car device applications are being churned out for all sorts of automotive tasks and finally, justice can be served for practitioners of  the dreaded “Parking by Braille.” It’s called MiAlert and it employs a motion sensor, up to four cameras and software for your smartphone that alerts you when the car has been hit or stolen.

Here’s what an alert looks like. It’s cool. It relays intensity of the impact as well. With this Honda it was a “3.”

The install is easy. The aforementioned motion sensor mounts under the hood and the tiny camera mounts in the grille. Additional rear backlight and left and right door cameras can be mounted as extra fortification as well. There is an alternate license plate bracket install as well if you prefer.

When your car is bumped, Mi Alert shoots you a message with time, impact intensity data and GPS location of the event. In addition, the unit also takes pictures and video of the perp’s car as well and relays GPS info if your car is stolen. Hey, Junior, Dad will know if you’ve carjacked the family ride too. Beware!

It gets a little “Big Brother” from there as it also exchanges info if YOU bump another MiAlert equipped car (i.e. an electronic admission of guilt “note”) and also records speed, braking and other driving habit data.  They are working with insurance companies to give a better rate if the black box event data is “good.” We think the jury (pun intended) is out on these capabilities.

Check out the full story and video below we found at The Car Connection. MiAlert is also working on software that can track your spouse, dog or kids. What would George Orwell say?

Although still in pre-production and final pricing is unknown, it’s a great idea and will probably pay for itself with one collared parking lot bandit. Now if they just make all the black box data stuff optional…

The motion sensor installs with double-sided tape. Connect two wires and camera feed and you’re done.

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