What you’re going to see is an out-of-control Corvette Z06 plow into a BMW M3 at the recent 2010 Robin Hood Rally in Tuxedo, New York. In the direst of circumstances, it’s nice to have your priorities in check. Thankfully, even this horrendous high speed collision, nobody was injured. Both drivers were cleared by nearby paramedics and all the bystanders were kept from harm’s way. We found this video over on the Examiner.

In an obvious case of too much car for the driver, the pilot of this 505-horsepower Corvette leaped a small bank, catapulting it airborne, spun sideways, smacked into a parked BMW M3 sitting near the road, which launched the ‘Vette airborne slightly again, landed again, and ultimately skidding into an embankment. The Corvette and BMW were both completely shredded, scattering debris across the road.

The original article reads, “A snowball traveling through the fires of hell itself has a better chance at making it than these cars through the insurance inspection. An instant total, both frames were probably bent beyond recognition. You can’t have a small block Chevy fly down the road at speed and smash into a BMW and expect the cars to survive. Miracles only happen to puppets named Pinocchio and to the late night infomercial gospel sessions. They rarely occur in racing, unless you’re the guy who gets ejected and lives.”