Watching a 2010 ZR1 in action is truly a thing of beauty, but watching it kick some import butt makes it just a little sweeter. At a recent trip to Dallas Raceway, Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors captured video of a white ZR1 Corvette tearing up the quarter-mile. Lining a ZR1 up next to an Acura Integra may not seem like a fair fight (the ZR1 should kick the ever living crap out of the little ‘Teg, right?), but the little white Acura wasn’t exactly a mild-mannered high school cheerleader car either. In fact, the Integra managed to get into the upper 11’s that night, but the ZR1 certainly bested that elapsed time.

In the first match-up the ZR1 ran an 11.922 at 121.01 MPH to the turbocharged Acura’s 12.415 at 111.46 MPH. After learning that the Acura was not stock, it begs the question of whether or not the ZR1 has had a little work as well. According to Triple-X Motorsports the ZR1 is stock with the exception of a custom tune. Despite the 95-degree track temperature that night, both vehicles times progressively grow faster throughout the course of the evening. The ZR1 hovers in the upper 11’s for three passes before dropping down to 11.658 at 124.28 MPH. Finally, the last pass of the video shows the two cars lined up once again, and the Acura runs an 11.882 at 116.05 MPH, while the ZR1 runs an impressive 11.470 at 123.83 MPH.