Video: On-Road Footage of Yet Another “Corvette-Truck”

OK, this is getting to be ridiculous. This is no less than the third “Corvette Truck” news item we’ve brought you in the last 6 months, and this video from YouTube has us thinking that this is really starting to become some kind of trend. Of course, upon closer examination, the Vette Truck featured in this video seems to actually be the same one featured in the original news item, just in its earlier stages of attempting to actually evolve into a Corvette.

From the video, you can clearly tell that at some point in the past this vehicle had started its life as a Sonoma Pickup, before being laden with layer after layer of fiberglass and a widened Corvette bumper. Perhaps even more attention-grabbing than the four iconic Vette tail lights are the multi-level spoilers protruding from the “tail-gate” and roof. One of the guys filming the video even says, “It’s got a spoiler, on a spoiler, on a spoiler…I bet that thing gets so much downforce.”

We aren’t very much in favor of trying to turn a vehicle into something it’s not, and this definitely falls within that category. When you really start to think about it, it’s a safe bet that the owner could have bought himself a decent C4 for what it cost to transform his pickup into something that only resembles a Corvette, in the loosest sense of the word. But then again, maybe that’s not the point; and besides, a Corvette wouldn’t have the same cargo space, right?

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